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In 2008 when I created Peace for Puppies, I was not sure of my plans but I knew I was out to make big changes in this world!  My passion is animals and I would like to take you on the journey with us while Peace for Puppies continues our work to help abused, neglected and homeless animals.

The last 4 years I have been very busy in high school and sadly had little time to devote to speaking engagements for PfP. While we always do what we can to help animals in need and support our local shelters and rescues, my time has been devoted to high school and my academics, and my pursuit of college. I am happy to report that I am now attending Schreyer Honor College at Penn State University. My hard work and dedication has allowed me to pursue my dreams. I will be studying business, but I never forget the animals. I will continue to do anything I can to support them. And as my journey continues over the next 4 years of college, always remember that you too can pursue your dreams and passions. Focus on your goals and stay dedicated, do the work and you will live your best life doing what you love.


2015 was spent adjusting to my first year of high school. PfP continues to help the shelters and rescues the best we can through donations we receive. Now that I am in my sophomore year, I have big plans to continue my work.  Stay tuned for 2016!

March - It was a wonderful day with friends from the community who came out to help us make fleece dog and cat toys.  We spent Sunday March 1st making the toys and my cousin Carly and I, along with my Mom, delivered them to ACCT and the PSPCA in Philadelphia. It was emotionally overwhelming to see how happy each dog was receiving their new toy.  We ran out of toys and I was so sad, we spent an extra day with a few friends making many more and went back down to make sure every single dog and cat had a toy. I cannot explain the feeling of LOVE in my heart that day.


September - My life has been a bit busy finishing middle school and moving up to high school this year. PFP has and always will be my passion, but currently my focus is acclimating to high school. Once settled into my new world, I will once again work diligently to help support the rescue of abused, neglected and homeless animals. I look forward to working with my new school to get as much support as we can.
Over the last 6 months, we have continued to donate towels and supplies we receive, as well as monetary assistance where needed, when we have the funds.
Please continue to support my efforts with donations of towels, supplies, dog and cat food and of course, we will be happy to take your money and use it well to help the animals! Thank you.

Febraury 22 - A beautiful evening of Kindness.  We attended the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards in Newtown, CT. Charlotte Bacon was a six year old girl who was taken from the world too soon in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.  Newtown Kindness was created to honor her memory and her big dreams.  They foster acts of kindness in children around the world. 
I was chosen as one of the medalist winners for my acts of kindness with Peace for Puppies.  I was so honored to be a part of such a memorable event. You can see photos in our Gallery.

February 20 - A wonderful 2nd visit to The Shipley School to talk with Ms. Betsy's 1st and 2nd graders. The kids always have great questions!


November 19 - Just an update on where we have been.  Middle school is nearing the end and it has been very busy for me.  I have not been able to tour schools as much as I would like this year since my academics must come first.  My dreams for my future will allow me to further my passion for animals as well so I need to keep up with my school work!  But I never forget my first love, the animals.  Peace for Puppies continues to collect towels and blankets, pet food and supplies. Please continue to support us so our work to help the animals be safe, fed, treated and loved can go on.  Thank you.

March 22 - an inspirational visit to McCall Elementary to visit a 3rd grade class that is very eager to learn about Peace for Puppies and how it all started.  We cannot wait to meet all of you little animal lovers!

March 2 - began my "Mitzvah" project with Philly PAWS.  I cannot thank Melissa, Allison and Claire enough for allowing me to come in and participate as a volunteer (although my Mom has to be present due to my age).  I have loved every minute of Peace for Puppies since its inception in 2008; but it has always been my dream to actually work with the animals.  My volunteer work so far has involved working with the cats and kittens, cleaning and disenfecting cages, preparing for kitten season, helping in the isolation room, and the bonus of getting to hold them and love them when I can.  My allergies are behaving enough to allow me to do the work.  I will continue to get my mitzvah hours weekly and hope to continue my volunteer work as long as they will allow me to do so!!

January 16 - humane education visit to Lewis Elkin Elementary.  Thank you Mrs. Rose and the wonderful and curious 3rd graders who welcomed me and my Mom into their classroom.  You asked such great questions and it was a pleasure talking with all of you.
I cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing thank you notes that you sent to me.  I loved every single one of them!


September 30- Attending Sproutfest!  Please come out and join us to support Finding Shelter along with so many amazing rescue groups, shelters, vendors - all working to make the world safer for the animals we love.

July 12 - Attended the Rally Against Animal Abuse at the PSPCA.  We were proud to be a part of this event and will always continue the fight to stop animal cruelty.

June 8 - 2012 Peace for Puppies Bowling Benefit - this year it was in memory of our sweet little friend Sprout Kelly Herbert.  Sprout inspired Finding Shelter Animal Rescue and his legacy and love live on in his parents work everyday.  Thank you Grace and Steve Herbert for dedicating your lives to animals who need your help.  We will continue to support you in everything you do.
We thank Philadelphia Humane Law Officer Wayne Smith and our friend, for coming out to meet the kids at our event.  Wayne and the other amazing officers risk their lives daily to save the lives of Philadelphia's abused and neglected animals.  We thank you everyday.

March 30 - West Vincent Elementary School - Lizzie paid a visit to all the kids, grades K thru 6, to educate them about animal welfare.  It was a wonderful afternoon and so many of the students stood up and shared what they are passionate about with us. Since Lizzie's presentation to the kids, we received an email letting us know that a 2nd grade girl was so inspired by Lizzie and the work she does that she presented her Principal with a plan to start a recycling program at the school.  I do believe this is in the works now.  Fantastic! 
The kids at West Vincent collected many pet supplies that have been donated to Chester County SPCA and Greene Street Animal Rescue.  We heard from founder Donna Mastrilli, and she said the donation could not have come at a better time.  They were so happy and we at PfP are so happy to be a part of it all.  Thank you West Vincent for all your passion and hard work!
And the amazing special moment came when Lizzie was presented with a hand carved wood statue of Lizzie and Lola and the PfP logo burned into the wood.  A parent at the school made this for Lizzie to honor her for the work she does.  It left  us speechless and overwhelmed.  Please go to the Photo Gallery to see pictures.  Thank you Marty Long, from the bottom of our hearts.

March 23- Pennell School in Philadelphia - the 4th Grade Pet Detectives collected towels and pet supplies that we delivered to Philly PAWS and to Street Tails Animal Rescue.  All the dogs and cats Thank You so much for helping them be comfortable while they wait for their furever home.

February 17 - A fun visit to my cousin's 4th grade class at the Ross School in Bridgehampton, NY, to talk about Peace for Puppies.  Thank you for inviting me to your creative and fun school!

January 27 - Worrall Elementary School in Broomall.  I was invited to come speak to the school during their assembly that launched a program about "Perseverance".  It was so nice to be a part of the day!
The kids at Worrall are busy collecting pet supplies and towels that we will donate on their behalf to local animal shelters.

January 6 - Pennell School in Philadelphia.  We went to visit Miss Wainwright's 4th grade class and talk with them about puppy mills.  We were so impressed to find out that these amazing 4th graders have taken a stand against animal cruelty!  Please check out the 4th Grade Pet Detectives.  You can also see pictures in our photo gallery.


December 20 - The Havertown Girl Scout Troop 5432 delivered 2 full loaded mini-vans of pet supplies including food, toys, laundry detergent, bleach, and more!  The most amazing group of 10 year old girls and PfP cannot thank you enough!  See photo gallery for pictures.

December 6 - Havertown Girl Scout Troop 5432 - visit with the girls to teach them about puppy mills and animal welfare.  These girls sure knew a lot about dogs and cats!  I am so happy we helped to kick off their Peace for Puppies supply drive.

December 2 - Unleashed Pet Spa in Ardmore - First Friday event

November 28 - Interview on Passionate About Pets with Rich Britton, WCHE 1520, Mondays between 3-4pm.  Thanks Rich for reaching out to Peace for Puppies and sharing us with your listeners and thank you for all you do for the animals.

October 23- Attending as a vendor the 2nd Annual Sproutfest, hosted by Finding Shelter

October 21 - Went to talk with the 5th graders at The Shipley School this morning.  They are doing a project called "Think, Care, Act" and they had lots of questions about how I got started with PfP.  Good luck my fellow activists of the world - go and find your passions and fight for them!

October 15 - Attending the Good Dog Gala hosted by the PSPCA

August 29 - NBC 10 Show 

July 17 - Stopped by Finding Shelter event at the Bryn Mawr Farmer's Market to donate $250.00 to Gracie's medical bills for her care and rehabilitation.  Thank you FOR PAWS for the generous donation!

July 6 - donated 3 new Mendota Slip Dog Leads to Hand2Paw for their training program.  We love Hand2Paw!

June 26 - Stopped by Finding Shelter event at Radnor Vet Hospital. Donated towels, blankets, toys, food, leashes, collars and new dog themed accessories that will be sold through Finding Shelter to raise money for their rescue.  Thank you Laura Silbermann for donating the leashes, collars, and dog theme accessories.

June 20 - Picked up hand-made dog toys at Cooke Elementary School that Miss O's class made.  Awesome job kids and the dogs will love them!

June 20 - Spoke at Hill Freedman Middle School for their mini Shout Out Awards.  I was asked to talk about what inspires me to fight for the animals and I also offered a few words of my own about following your dreams.  Thanks for inviting me Hill Freedman and great job on all your projects!

June 20 - Picked up supplies at A.B. Day School from Miss Russell's class.  Thank you kids for collecting all the supplies.  You are doing a great job!

June 8 - Donation check to Humane Law Enforcement at the PSPCA.  This was our biggest donation yet!  I also delivered several bags of towels we have collected and a big tub of supplies from the kids at Antonia Pantoja Charter School.

June 6 - I went to visit the Antonia Pantoja Charter School and got the biggest welcome ever!  We talked about animal cruelty, puppy mills, and animal behavior.  Thank you to these super kids for the artwork and the donations for the animals. 

June 1 - I spoke to the Narberth Girlscout Troop about Peace for Puppies at their Bronze Medal Award Ceremony.  The Girlscouts did a project about animal welfare and collected towels and donated a portion of their cookie money to PfP for the animals.  Great leadership girls!

May 26 - Kaiserman JCC Pre-school Walk for animals to benefit Peace for Puppies and Main Line Animal Rescue

May 24 - Need in Deed Shout Out Awards.  I was a presenter of 2 Service Learning Awards to 2 classes.  I am so proud that Peace for Puppies has had the chance to get to know these truly amazing and creative kids.

May 22 - With Love Super Adoption Day - the biggest adoption event ever in Philadelphia!  Peace for Puppies is a vendor and so happy to be a part of this day!

May 21 - Dr. Joan Capuzzi, DVM will be at the Bark Avenue Boutique in Ardmore, PA signing her book "Puppies". 10% of sales on this day will be donated to Peace for Puppies!  Thank you Dr. Capuzzi and The Bark Avenue Boutique!

May 18 - Visit to Cooke Elementary School in Philadelphia to educate Ms. Ottaviani's 5th graders about Puppy Mills.  These kids have done such an awesome job on their service learning project about animal cruelty and it was my honor to spend time with them.  Keep up the super work!  And thank you Monica from Need in Deed for supporting Peace for Puppies.

April 27 - Visit to the A.B. Day School in Philadelphia to teach Ms. Carla's 5th graders about Puppy Mills. I did a personalized power point to help them understand and there was great interaction with all the kids.  They asked good questions and were all very cool! And there were 2 nice ladies from Anthropologie that came to see me speak.  I love their company and love that they support animal welfare so much.
Thank you to Need in Deed for supporting us and we truly enjoy working with you.

April 26 - Peace for Puppies partners with Philly PAWS
for our first ever humane education program inside a shelter/rescue.  Small group of kids will participate in a group discussion and Q&A with Johnny Pastor, Dog Rescue Coordinator for PAWS,  get a tour of the facility and have light interaction with one or 2 animals living in the shelter.  Hands-on humane education for young kids who due to age, cannot volunteer inside of shelters.  We thank PAWS for allowing us the space to make this happen and believing in our strong motto - KIDS CAN make a difference!

April 16 - Delivery of towels, toys, pet food, a dog crate and supplies to the PSPCA

April 2 - Bowling Benefit at Wynnewood Lanes to raise money for the Humane Society of the United States, End Dog Fighting Campaign in Philadelphia

March 28 - A visit to PAWS to see the volunteers for Hand2Paw learning training techniques and medical care for the animals

March 10 - Visit the Bache-Martin Elementary School in Philadelphia to speak to a great group of Philadelphia school district teachers that work with Need in Deed to teach service learning in the classroom.  Their students chose animal cruelty as their service learning project.

January 17 - Radnor Elementary School for Martin Luther King Day of Service.  Radnor School District collects supplies for Peace for Puppies that are then donated to shelters


December 22 - The end of the PfP Holiday Pet Supply Drive.  A terrific "Shopping Event" took place at United Methodist Church in Ardmore, PA where 5 rescue groups got to "shop" and take all the supplies and pet food they could use.  The rescue groups included Finding Shelter, Stray Animal Rescue, Whispering Woods, Second Time Around and City Kitties

December 21 - A visit to the Kindergarten kids at the JCC Kaiserman in Wynnewood to teach them about kindness and compassion for animals and to pick up the wonderful donations they collected for the Holiday Drive

December 8 - Interview on CBS/Philly 57 to talk about the Holiday Supply Drive and what Peace for Puppies is doing to help animals

December 4 - Fit for A Dog Santa Photos and informational table to benefit Finding Shelter

November 20 -Information and merchandise table at The Bark Avenue Boutique along side Dr. Joan Capuzzi, the author of "Puppies"

November 14 - Sproutfest at West Goshen Park to benefit Finding Shelter

November 7 - A visit to United Methodist Church in Ardmore, PA to speak to a super group of kids who have collected items for Operation XO to support our Troops.  I spoke to them about PfP and what we do and also to always follow your passion and your dreams

November 5 - The launch of the Holiday Supply Drive.  Boxes were delivered to drop locations at The Bark Avenue Boutique, Chic Petique, Central Bark Doggie Daycare, Fit for A Dog and Skirt to collect pet supplies

September 25 - Attended Sarge's Sweet 16 and was interviewed by KYW

August 27 - Summer Lemonade Stand with my cousins Carly and Drew and my brother Justin.  All funds benefited the Sarge Fund at PAWS for low-cost spay/neuter and vaccinations.

July 19 - Participated in the Animal Welfare Program at ESF Summer Camp

June 14 - I received a Community Service Award in Lower Merion  for my work with PfP in my community

June 10 - Penn Valley Fun Fair

May 28 - Participated in an animal welfare program at Bala Cynwyd Middle School and spoke to a group of 6th graders

May 22 - Attended With Love Super Adoption Day as a vendor, presented by Citizens for A No-Kill Philadelphia.  The largest adoption event in Philadelphia.

May 8 - A vendor at the opening of the Bryn Mawr Farmer's Market

May 7 - Spoke to a class of 6th graders at Bala Cynwyd Middle School

May 2 - Attended the DeBella Dog Walk at Green Lane Park

April 25 - Mitzvah Day at Main Line Reform Temple.  We had t-shirts for sale and facilitated in the kids making of no-sew fleece blankets and cat toys that were donated to ACCT and PAWS.  Proceeds from the t-shirt sales was donated to PAWS.

April 18 - Interview with

April 10 - Bowling Benefit at Wynnewood Lanes.  Money raised benefited PAWS and the Humane Society of the United States

March 25 - Talk to the Kindergarten kids at the JCC Kaiserman in Wynnewood, PA and pick up suplies they donated to the shelters

March 24 - Attended "Yappy Hour" at the dog-friendly Palomar Hotel in Philadelphia with Wendy and Lucky Diamond

March 17 - Speak at Merion Elementary School in Merion, PA along with Elwood

March 6 - Attended Finding Shelter Pet-A-Palooza

February 26 - Attended Valley Forge Pet Expo, passed out many cards and let people know who we are!  Met the awesome guys of Rescue Ink.

January 18 - Radnor Elementary Martin Luther King School Day of Service.  Radnor School District collects towel and blankets for PfP.  All were donated to Francisvale and the PSPCA


November 14 - delivery of towels and blankets to PAWS and the PSPCA

October 31 - Attended the PAWS Mutt Strut and walked a rent-a-dog that was up for adoption

October 17 - Participated in the Anthropologie Sit, Stay, Love Adoption Day with Main Line Animal Rescue.  PfP collected towels and blankets and donated to MLAR

October 5 - Interview with NBC's Lori Wilson

September 26 - Attended the MLAR Wag & Train Annual Fundraiser.  Owner Bill Smith  called Lizzie up on the stage to recognize her for the work she was doing with PfP for the animals.

August 22 - Summer Lemonade Stand with my cousins Carly and Drew. Money raised was donated to the Vick dogs rehabilitating at Best Friends Animal Society

August 11 - Donated money and towels raised from the July 26th Car Wash

July 26 - Car Wash to raise money for MLAR

June 6 - Delivery of towels and blankets to PAWS

May 23 - Delivery of towels and blankets to MLAR

April 25 - Delivery of towels and money raised to MLAR

April 18 - Volunteered at the Fit for A Dog dog wash

March 1 - Attended a PAWS event at the Mudd Room in Ardmore.  A portion of the days sales were donated to the tile project at PAWS

January 30 - The very 1st Peace for Puppies fundraiser.  A bake sale at Penn Valley Elementary School.  All money was donated to MLAR


October 1 - My very 1st visit visit to MLAR to donate my 8th birthday money that I collected.  I got to meet everyone that worked there and I got to see all the animals rescued and hear their stories.

September 6 - My 8th birthday party where I asked my friends to donate money for the animals

April 4th, 2008 - "the "Oprah" show that changed my life forever. Please watch this show on puppy mills and animal cruelty and do your part to make our world a safer and kinder place for animals to live."
Thank you,
Lizzie Penna

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